Why Study Business Management: 8 Promising Career Paths

Corporate business careers are available in pretty much every sector. All industries require strong leaders, supportive managers, strategic financial advisors and market-savvy decision-makers.

Jobs and careers in business management are found everywhere. Whatever the job title, the essential role is to plan, direct and produce great outcomes. If you know you want a career in business management, a business management degree is a great way to develop the transferable skills needed for almost any environment. There are a number of degrees you can undertake, with a diploma of business management amongst the most popular. This course covers a range of topics that will ensure your career in business management has a solid foundation.

Studying business management

The education required for business management is industry dependent and is something you can gain as you work your way up to senior positions. You can skip ahead, however, by being proficient in certain skills.

Unlike general business programs, enrolling in a business management course shows you want a leadership role. Your course will teach transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and collaboration, planning, problem-solving and organisation. These interpersonal abilities are the very foundation of business management.

Business management is not just about managing others, it’s about managing yourself as well. Leaders must understand how their behaviours and emotions impact other people and they must learn to see the bigger picture. Business managers need to build strategy and think critically to solve problems, taking information and then synthesizing it.

Studying for a business management degree allows you to develop a broad understanding in areas such as markets, customers, finance, operations, information technology, business policy and strategy. Combining your study with relevant work experience or additional study in specific areas will further fast-track your chosen career.

Transferring business management into a career

Don’t assume that studying business management is a one-way route into business leadership. Business careers span multiple industries and the roles in which business management knowledge can be applied are varied. A business management career can lead you to:


Being an entrepreneur is as much a lifestyle as it is a career path. You start a business and work hard to make it grow. Being an entrepreneur is extremely rewarding, but requires a lot of hard work, knowledge, and patience. As a business owner and manager, you pretty much oversee everything, from daily operations to a long-term strategy and financial plan.

Small business management

If entrepreneurship sounds too risky you can still get in the startup game by taking on a job in small business management. This could mean managing a family-run business or running the whole show on behalf of another owner.

Project management

A project manager oversees a project with a start and endpoint. It’s a process that guides a team’s work to accomplish project goals within certain parameters. The goal of project management is to complete a project that meets its objectives, providing value to the bigger picture. It involves project documentation, planning, tracking and communication.

Business development

In business development, your job is to grow an existing business. This includes bringing in new customers, identifying market opportunities and promoting company offerings. Business development managers need advanced knowledge of sales and marketing strategies, as well as high-end administration skills. With this in mind, you could consider expanding on your business management diploma with a diploma in marketing or public relations.

Construction management

Construction managers oversee all areas of a construction job, from planning and budgeting to hiring and overseeing the project. There are many benefits to a career in construction management, including flexible working conditions, making it an attractive career option.

General management

A general manager may have multiple team managers reporting to them, meaning the role is focused on leadership and strategic direction rather than small day-to-day decisions. As a general manager, you’ll be responsible for improving efficiency and increasing departmental profits while managing the company’s overall operations. You’ll oversee several elements in a business, including hiring staff and operating budgets.

Operations management

Operation managers are responsible for business activities at the ‘doing’ stage. They require energy, self-motivation, leadership and good communication skills. As an operations manager, you may oversee a manufacturing process, service or facility, getting on top of challenges quickly so they don’t need to escalate to the general manager.

Sales management

A sales manager oversees the people doing the selling for a business. The role is to provide instruction, mentoring, leadership and supervision and in some cases, you may be tasked with developing sales strategies or setting team goals. To fast track, a leadership role in sales management, combine your business management diploma with an Executive Diploma in Sales.

Securing your foundation

For any person seeking a successful corporate career, business management is the key needed to open the doors of your future. A business management degree provides the academic knowledge and skills to pursue a ton of career opportunities by giving you a broad understanding of the way a business may work. One of the biggest highlights of studying for a business management degree is the gaining of tools that will allow you to be a valuable asset to any organisation.

Start your business management degree today and you will be able to shape the direction of your career, choosing a specialist area of business that interests you. Be it entrepreneurship, finance, construction or sales, it all starts with securing your foundational knowledge of business and building from there.

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